Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Demons & Angels at the 2014 Christmas Expo! Relay for Life Event!

This is Demons & Angels first year attending the 2014 Christmas Expo and Breedables Fair. No I don't currently sell any breedables, but I was sent an invitation to come along anyway, as despite the misleading name, the faire is not just about breedables, there are all kind of merchants attending which make all kinds of creations :)

Demons & Angels booked a spot and we can be found there offering new goodies as well as some of the old.

Exclusively arriving at the Expo you can find these following new items, payments are donated to Relay for Life!

Be sure to come and grab one or both up! SLURL HERE

And now here are a few sample pictures of the Expo grounds and the Demons & Angels location! Enjoy :)

Click HERE for the slurl that will take you to my shop.
The Expo opens on December 4th to the 15th!



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