Friday, March 16, 2012

New, Unicorns by White Oak Equines!

New! Unicorns  - rideable horses from White Oak Equines! Three colors so far to choose from. Each one complete with customizable vine and flowers laced into the mane and tale, as well as color changing horn. Beautiful for all four seasons!

White Oak Equines!
Thank you for your interest in White Oak Equines! We put a lot into raising theses horse to a standard of quality and performance for new potential owners!
White Oak Equine horses have many great features and customizations for a bit of individuality. An easy to use hud will help you control your horse, and the instructions below will outline everything about your new horse. We are proud to offer another spin on Second Life horses and have spent many hours trying to breed these horses into their own unique perfection. We hope that you enjoy your new horse as much as we enjoyed bringing them to life!
Out of the Box: 

~ Three riding horses: 
Western Saddle 
English Saddle 
Bareback (horse with no tack) 
~ Halter 

~ Bales of hay 

~ Bridle 
~ Saddles (English and Western)
Three Riding horses: 
These are the horses you can wear and ride. Western and English horses are included so you can ride to your style preference. There is also a bare back version that has no tack on it.
Extras: Additionally the box included the tack, as well as a casual halter. There are some decorative bales of hay. 
Features of White Oak Equines Unicorn:
There are a number of features we included to bring these horses to life! We also gave some customization ability so your horse can look a bit more unique from the next :) They were also designed with the rider in mind, offering a few saddle poses, and the ability to dismount and mount your horse. Features are as follows....
~Blinking eyes. 
~Twitching ears. 

~Horse randomly paws at ground 

~Makes random horse sounds: neighs, whinnies and snorts. 

~Hoof sounds accompany the trot and canter. 

~Makes hoof prints and dust cloud. 
~Has two gaits (trot and canter) and jumps. 

~Customize your horse with different facial and leg markings for a unique look. 
~Choose horse gender or opt for neutral. 

~Ride standard or side saddle in one horse. 

~Mount and dismount features. 
~Pose horse for easy photographing. 
~Change horn color 
~Change Ivy and Flower colors 
~Turn on and off Sparkle feature 
~Show or hide unicorns beard 
~Free Updates!
These horses are mod and copy! you can also come and test out the horses in person with our Demo Horse, found in our region Mithica! Check out the Slurl Here: White Oaks Equines Main Store

Marketplace URL - Here! 

Slurl Location - Here!

Facebook - Here



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