About Piper Shan

Piper Shan is a freelance fantasy artist originally from Canada Ontario, born 1982, now living with her husband and menagerie of pets in the woodlands of Connecticut, United States. Piper considers herself largely self taught. Her desire to create artwork expressed itself in her early childhood and has since been a deeply rooted part of her personality, evolving in style over the years to what it is now.
Piper has a deep affinity for nature and for the fantasy genre, both of which are primary themes in her digital and traditional designs. 
Inspiration drives Piper to create her artwork using a variety of mediums such as traditional: including acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor, ink, oil and polymer clay. In expanding her horizon of mediums and technique, Piper believe much of her style has spilled over in the unique creations she makes within Second life, brining her own flavor to the products she releases.
Piper spends much of her time pursuing various goals, projects, and entrepreneurial ventures. She is active in the virtual world of Second Life majority of her time, where she designs digital content on a freelance basis. Over the years she has developed a few businesses within world all based around her primary interest. 
Demons & Angels
The first business venture, started from her past time of role-playing in fantasy/medieval themed worlds. She started to make clothes for herself and eventually got into selling her own line of fashion of this genre. Demons and Angels is named after her original character which was created as a demon for a particular role-play sim.
Rez Fantazy
Piper's next idea came from her interested in avatars, firstly a fan of the Isle of Wyrms dragons, Aventity and Lost Furest. She decided to try and make her own furry avatar line. She reasoned there were some great species not yet designed and envisioned a creature that could stand up to believable role-play environment where the creatures looked bold and stern, more mature and less cartoon like. Thus Rez Fantazy presents tall, imposing yet elegant anthro avatars.
Rustic Fantasy Cottages
A business in the making. It was meant to offer a variety of rustic cottage homes and accessories revolving still around the fantasy/medieval theme. Pipers priority is generally toward coming out with new clothes for Demons and Angels so has limited products available so far for Rustic Cottages.
White Oak Equines 
Newest project for Piper Shan, made from her love of horses. Her inspiration came from wanting her own barn and horses, and since such is not feasible in real life, Second Life would do! This idea was creature surely for fun but she hopes that her vision will bring a unique brand to second life horse lovers that can share in her same interest for all things equine. The name of White Oak Equines is a tribute to a child hood place she grew up called "White Oaks" in London Ontario Canada.

Pipers beloved pets!

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