Monday, November 10, 2014

New - Arryn from D&A

New outfit yet again! A new woman's piece, as per usual complete and versatile as it can be worn various ways. Right now I have it in two colors, but there will be a third coming which will premiere at the Second life's Relay for Life Christmas Expo, which Demons and Angels will be participating. So stay tuned for that!

White will be available at the Relay for Life Christmas Expo.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Caspian - New by Demons & Angels

Caspian is a complete and versatile outfit that can be worn in various ways! from the hood to the boots! Its perfect for a rogue or bard and perhaps even a nobleman a little practical around the edges ;)  Enjoy!

Please visit my main store here: SLURL Link
Or see my items on the Marketplace: HERE.

Monday, October 20, 2014

New mens outfit! Courtly Rogue

Introducing a good old renaissance kinda outfit, Courtly Rogue! in three colors :) its a nice versatile outfit as per usual hehe. It can be worn in a few ways depending no your preference. It can be picked up at my store or on the marketplace! Enjoy.

Please visit my main store here: SLURL Link
Or see my items on the Marketplace: HERE.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New release! Intimate Angel

In black and white I introduce D&A's first real intimate Lingerie piece of clothing! its a versatile set that you can wear in a few different ways based on your mood or needs :)

Its available in my store for 300L's a steal for everything you get! Two tops, one corset, one sheer sexy layer, both with sheer frills. Elegant pair of gloves and stockings. A sexy panty with a flowing sheer stole. Finally a pair of feels that come with with a skin changing hud to match your skin tone!

Please visit my main store here: SLURL Link
Or see my items on the Marketplace: HERE.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Outfit, Guinevere!

Completed a new outfit, yay! I can hardly believe it myself! You can pick it up at my main store or the marketplace for 300L this is a complete outfit, it even has a bit of intimate items underneath, and is versatile and can be worn many ways! The cool part though is the leaves and flowers! The colors can be changed via a hud ;) Enjoy, enjoy!

Please visit my main store here: SLURL Link
Or see my items on the Marketplace: HERE.

Reduced prices at Demons & Angels!

It's been about a year since I've released a new product, real life took me on hiatus! I'm back though and have been going over my inventory and  cleaned  up the store!

I've decided to lower prices by half and some items are cut even lower then that. Now my items range  from 100 to 300 for complete outfits! This includes my latest releases as well. 

My rideable horses are also cut down in price! 

We have a few Halloween items as well, one of which a freebie for groupies :)

And check out Poseidon's Treasure if your a mermaid or siren underwater lover! Located at the back of my main store.

Keep your eyes open for upcoming new releases!

Please visit my main store here: SLURL Link
Or see my items on the Marketplace: HERE.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Limited Edition Pet Ferret for Halloween!

Welcome this little guy back! Demons & Angels pet Halloween Ferret! He is set up for sale around my various vendor stalls, and at my home base store, main Demons & Angels location! He will be available until after halloween! :) This is a limited edition item that only becomes available around the holidays! So get one soon!

These little critters were made by a ferret lover and enthusiast! In adoration of how cute these weasels are and how they steal your heart - these carpet sharks are a tribute to how much I love ferrets! They are also a tribute to my own ferrets, made for you!
Out of the Box you receive....

~ One shoulder worn ferret that can toggle between sitting or standing
~ One fashionable burlap bag containing a ferret that toggles between showing and not showing.
~One complimentary bed to rez your shoulder ferret in if you so choose.

The ferrets can bring up a menu if you click on them. From here you can control their toggled states. You can also control the sounds they make, from frequent to infrequent, on and off.

You can make your ferret speak on its own channel.
You can change their name.
They blink, ears twitch and they make ferret sounds.
The burlap bag version can change to a few colors to suit your personality best.

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