Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ferret Pets are here!

These little critters were made by a ferret lover and enthusiast! In adoration of how cute these weasels are and how they steal your heart - these carpet sharks are a tribute to how much I love ferrets! They are also a tribute to my own ferrets, made for you!

Out of the Box you receive....

~ One shoulder worn ferret that can toggle between sitting or standing
~ One fashionable burlap bag containing a ferret that toggles between showing and not showing.
~One complimentary bed to rez your shoulder ferret in if you so choose.


The ferrets can bring up a menu if you click on them. From here you can control their toggled states. You can also control the sounds they make, from frequent to infrequent, on and off.

You can make your ferret speak on its own channel.

You can change their name.

They blink, ears twitch and they make ferret sounds.

The burlap bag version can change to a few colors to suit your personality best.

They come in five different colors, so check them out! Hope you all enjoy!
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Pet Lover said...

These ferret toys are mind blowing, wonder how they will be priced & marketed.

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