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Demons & Angels, Rez Fantazy and White Oak Equines.
The following applies to all items sold my Piper Shan.

Return Policy:
All items are sold as copy, mod and no transfer. For this reason there are no returns on items.

Reimbursement may be considered if customer is heavily dissatisfied with an item over such things as  obvious flaws or missrepresentation. 


Q - I purchased an item that was supposed to be copy and mod. But one of the items/articles is no mod? I cannot edit or resize it? 
A - Second Life now and then tossed in a permissions bug. An object might sat its mod, but the customer is unable to do anything about it. Simple contact Piper Shan via a notecard, and your item will be replaced with proper permissions.

Q - I have a mini avatar, can I custom mod this avatar/outfit/animal to fit it?
A - All my items are mod, so you can shrink things down to a point, before one needs to be very edit savvy to edit prim by prim. I understand there are shrinking scripts out there for these new mirco and mini avatars, but I am not sure how well they translate my items. I welcome you to give it a try, but there are no returns for this situation. I recommend making a copy of the item in its original state as a back up before you mod anything. if all esle fails, you have at least a nice item for a full sized avatar :)

Q - I purchased an item from you (marketplace or store) and my item did not deliver?
A -  This is a common hiccup in second life unfortunately, usually chalked up to grid issues. No worries however! just send in a notecard a copy of your transaction which you can find on your second life or marketplace account. Or Piper Shan can simple look up your name in her transactions! The item will be delivered to you manually as soon as she can!

Q - I have an idea for a outfit! do you commissions, or take suggestions? 
A - I do not do commissions very often and chances are I will decline any which come my way. I prefer to put my time and effort into items that will make me more Lindens in the long run. But I do take suggestions! and  if an idea seems in high demand there is a good chance I will follow up on it! providing pictures helps a great deal. I just might save your idea to my "ideas folder" ;)

Q - I have seen/heard that you hire models in your store, how can I get involved in that? 
A - Its best to just ask me about it personally and see if I need any spots filled! I can provide you more details if I do. I will say that I look for people that can put in serious time, at least 6-7 hours in one weeks cycle. 


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